News:Cono Sur Vineyard is Certified as B - Corp Company

Cono Sur Vineyard is Certified as B - Corp Company

Every day we see how people from all over the planet become aware of the need to do things differently and demand greater commitment from companies so that they guarantee that their productive activities cause a positive impact on their environment. Cono Sur Vineyard has always been aware of these demands and that is why it has been certified B-Corp, reassuring their purpose to understand sustainability in a comprehensive way and show concrete actions in all areas of our activity: Governance, Workers, Environment, Community and Customers.

What means to be a B-Corp Company?

B-Corp companies adhere to a global cultural shift that redefines business success towards a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Thus, they take advantage of the capacity of the business and its growth as a means to a greater goal, which is to generate a triple positive impact: for their employees, for their communities and for the environment. The B-Corp Certification helps consumers to identify companies with high social and environmental responsibility.

Why was Cono Sur certified as Company B?

Since its founding in 1993, Cono Sur established Sustainability, Quality and Innovation as its fundamental pillars for the production of quality grapes and wines. These pillars have motivated them to join independent standards that have helped them to move forward through this path. By achieving B-Corp certification, they want to show concrete and quantifiable measures of their progress, committing to keep improving in both social and environmental fields, with the support of the tools that this certification gives them.

How was Cono Sur certified as B-Corp?

Based on an independent evaluation, Cono Sur has been certified B-Corp because it has been proven to comply through its certifications, policies and integrated management system, with the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal responsibility, to balance the benefit and a positive purpose for the community in which it operates.

The certification included an Impact Measurement that evaluated five areas:

  1. Governance : Mission and commitment, Ethics and transparency.
  2. Employees : Financial Security, Health, Well-being and Safety, Professional Development, Satisfaction and Commitment.
  3. Environment : Grape Suppliers, Renewable Energies, Efficient Irrigation Systems, Pesticide Use, Biodiversity Agreements.
  4. Community : Diversity, equity and inclusion, Economic impact of established areas, Civic Commitment and Donations, Supply Chain Management.
  5. Customers : Customer management.

Finally, achieving this certification required a declaration of commitment by High Management that meant incorporating social, environmental and community well-being as part of the objectives of our Company. This is the way that Cono Sur seals its commitment to develop a more inclusive and sustainable economy.