News:MONARQ & Drink Recess Inc. Distribution Partnership Annoucement

MONARQ & Drink Recess Inc. Distribution Partnership Annoucement

MIAMI- USA, MAY 22, 2023- Monarq and Drink Recess Inc. have officially partnered through a distribution agreement for the Caribbean, Latin America and USA Duty Free. This partnership will bring Recess’ portfolio of non-alcoholic relaxation beverages – Recess Mood, Recess Zero Proof Craft Mocktails, and ultimately Recess with CBD (pending regulatory clarity) – to consumers throughout the region. Recess Mood and Recess Zero Proof Craft Mocktails can be distributed without any restrictions as they use Magnesium, Guayusa and Adaptogens as the core functional ingredients designed to deliver a calm cool collected feeling. Recess has pioneered a new category of non- alcoholic relaxation beverages and is the category leading brand across three emerging sub- categories – Mood Enhancing Beverages, RTD Mocktails, and CBD Infused Beverages. MONARQ is a leading import, distribution, and marketing group of premium beverages throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the USA Duty Free channel.

MONARQ’s Managing Director, Robert de Monchy, says; !we have been monitoring the recent trends, innovations, and diversifications in the RTD adult beverage space, especially in the US market. The landscape is rapidly changing with a wide scope of premium drinks with functional benefits and consumers increasingly looking to moderate their alcohol consumption. Consumers are adding supplemental beverages to their daily lives, replacing traditional soft drinks and juices with product that support a healthier lifestyle and general well-being. Recess is a unique, great tasting beverage that not only contains natural ingredients and less calories but also offers the opposite of stimulant, offering the consumer “a recess” in their daily life. As the legalization of CBD based products continues to roll-out across the globe including in our region, innovation around the health properties of CBD continues to see new applications amongst different consumer products, including the beverage category. It’s our strategy to be the first mover in our region when it comes to new categories and trends, so it was a natural fit for us to partner with Recess”.

Drink Recess’s Chief Financial Officer and Head of Sales, Chris Crowe says; “We are excited to partner with Monarq to bring the Recess portfolio of relaxation beverages and alcohol alternatives to the Caribbean and Latin America. We look forward to a strong partnership to develop this new category in the region and to help people feel calm cool collected.”

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    About Drink Recess Inc:

    Recess is a consumer wellness and lifestyle brand creating beverages and supplements designed to help people feel calm cool collected– despite the increasingly stressful world around them. For more information, please visit us at and follow us on Instagram @takearecess.

    About MONARQ Group:

    MONARQ was founded in 2006 and is a leading independent regional import, distribution and marketing company, focused on developing distinctive and innovative leading premium alcoholic beverage brands. MONARQ operates in the domestic and duty-free markets of Latin America and the Caribbean as well as USA in duty-free, including the cruise channel. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam with its regional hub office in Miami and locations in Mexico City, St Maarten and Santiago, Chile. For more information, please visit and follow us on Instagram @monarqgroup.