News:TOMATIN, IWSC 2022 Trophy Winner!

TOMATIN, IWSC 2022 Trophy Winner!

Quality matters at Tomatin Distillery. We are proud to announce Tomatin’s latest product accolades from the 2022 IWSC Awards. The IWSC is an annual wine and spirits competition. Founded in 1969, by Anton Massel, it has grown to become one of the largest such competition in the world. Spirits are evaluated on a 100-point scale and awards are given out for Gold Outstanding (98-100 points), Gold (95-97 points), Silver (90-94 points) and Bronze (85-89 points). Only three whiskies in the entire competition scored 99 out of 100 and two of those were Tomatin Single Malt – an outstanding achievement!

Tomatin Legacy was awarded an extraordinary 99/100 resulting in a tremendous "Gold Outstanding" award! The Judges’ comments on this exceptional single malt were: “Ripe honeyed lemons and sweet vanilla fudge characterise the nose, while a pleasant fresh grapefruit flavour comes through wonderfully on the palate creating a superb lift. Fragrant and complex, with a harmonious, lingering finish.”

The Tomatin 12 year old was presented Gold after achieving 95/100 from the judging panel, with the following comments:  “Rich tarte tatin defines the nose with delicate aromas of sweet baking spice and white pepper. Ripe and fruity on the palate, marvellously complex and layered, with a rich, malty undercurrent. Excellent harmony and length on the finish.”

Tomatin was also awarded a Trophy for the upcoming Warehouse 6 collection, 1976 after it was also awarded an impressive 99/100. More information on product launch will follow soon.

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