News:Matsui Gin Wins Top Prizes at The World Gin Awards 2022

Matsui Gin Wins Top Prizes at The World Gin Awards 2022

We are excited to announce that Matsui Gin “The Hakuto" and “The Hakuto Premium” have won Gold and Silver Awards in The Contemporary Gin Style category at the World Gin Awards 2022 (WGA), the world's most prestigious gin competition.

The World Gin Awards are the global awards selecting the very best in all internationally recognized styles of gin. Presented by, the world’s no.1 online resource for drinks professionals, the World Gin Awards select, reward and promote the world’s best gins to consumers and trade across the globe.

Matsui Gin – The Hakuto wins Gold Award
Made using the fresh spring water of the famous Daisen mountain, the Hakuto gin is blended with a superb balance of 9 botanicals, including Japanese ingredients such as Cherry Blossom, Nashi Japanese Pear, Gyokuro Green Tea, Yuzu peel, and Sansho Pepper for a spicy and invigorating taste.

Matsui Gin – The Hakuto Premium wins Silver Award
Exquisitely blended with a total of 14 carefully selected botanicals including Juniper Berry, Coriander Seeds, Orange Peel, Citron Peel, Japanese Sansho Pepper, Gyokuro, Sakura, Pear, and Black Pepper. Matsui Gin The Hakuto Premium is a gem proudly produced by Kurayoshi Distillery. Finished with spring water obtained from Mt. Daisen, the mixture of botanicals has created a fresh yet spicy flavor to this gem. This is what makes it The Premium.

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